Malawi Fresh Election: The Struggle continues

The struggle for a free and fair election for Malawi is an immediate one especially after the events of the 2019 polls and resultant Constitutional Court nullification. The year 2020 has been unique in itself as far as hindrances go with the novel coronavirus being at the fore. Regardless, other countries are learning and pushing to cope, hosting their elections, including South Korea and Mali. The US state of Wisconsin also held an election. The decision by Malawi to proceed then is not ridiculous.
What plagues the nation now and especially its responsible authority, the Malawi Electoral Commission is the administrative and legal sections of the task. At present, the printing of ballots has been halted due to questions around the date to have the election. The Fresh polls had been set for the 2nd of July which now is considered to be flouting the decree to host the elections within 150 days of the judgement that annulled the 2019 result.
As it stands, the decision awaits Parliament sitting and determining a date which is likely to be June 23 2020. This unique election, whose campaign period has been under the Covid-19 era continues to be a case to watch for all keen on African Democracy. Already, questions of capacity and credibility have been raised on MEC as they oversaw the infamous Tipex Scandal. Will the June 23* polls not face the same plight?

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