US Election amidst a global pandemic and public unrest.

We are five months into 2020 and a nearly fictional sequence of events has affected the whole Globe like never before. The USA has not been exempt to these events.

It is hard for one to grasp in this short period of time military action nearly prompting ‘World War III’ was exchanged between Iran and the United States of America. In the same period, the Novel Coronavirus has closed borders, shrunken economies and disrupted all sectors of life including elections.

As if that wasn’t enough for the voting public in the USA, the racial divide has yet again been brought to the fore with the death of George Floyd, reigniting the #BlackLivesMatter movement which initially started in 2014 after the death of Eric Garner in near same circumstances. Not surprisingly, Americans have taken to the streets in protest (amid the virus pandemic) which has unfortunately turned violent with looting and confrontation with the police rampant.

George Floyd died after an officer apprehending him knelt on his neck for over 8 minutes. George’s brother addressed the public and declared that the violent protests would not bring his brother back but instead, the public should go out and vote at all levels as, “…that’s where we will hit them.”

How will the US election turn out (if indeed it happens)? Not to forget, it seems the cards aren’t stacked in President Donald Trump’s favor as this is the same year he faced impeachment charges which he was acquitted of. There already exists a divide in the masses caused by the racial troubles the USA always faces which he is accused of stoking. Furthermore, his administration’s response to the Coronavirus hasn’t done his ratings any good.

Without assuming anything, the 2020 US election will be a case to watch as always. Will it even go forward or does 2020 have another shocking turn of events to deal? In

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