With more than a decade actively participating in electoral processes primarily in Zimbabwe, the Election Resources Centre is a think tank that gives you a total experience on related issues in Zimbabwe, in the SADC Region, in Africa, and the rest of the World.

The Organisation prides a proficient team of experts bridging all stakeholder layers with participatory programming interventions in the provision of data, statistics, information, and in-depth analysis all in one space. ERC embraces the growing technology and disruptive innovations to enhance its efficacy and positioning as the leading anchor resource on elections in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world.

Bringing everything in one, the Election Resource Centre compiles in a quick lookup/access search format, information on upcoming Elections, past election Results, Judgements and Reports. Experience the convenience and resource of your meaningful participation in electoral processes.

ERC takes interest in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa Development Community, Africa and World, with the broader exposure resourcing particular territories that need support and strengthening. It is the organisation’s desirous position to resource election stakeholders, to mention, commissions, interests groups, and the electorate.

In Zimbabwe, ERC developed an Electoral Reform Barometer, which is a quarterly publication outlining progress on recommended legislative, political and administrative electoral reforms that must be implemented to ensure peaceful, free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

Taking a one to many and many to one model, the Election Resource Centre structured its Resources under four clusters, being Policy Briefs, Analyses, Reports, and Press Releases. These are available in usable format to enhance election stakeholders’ quality of participation.

Interested in our work! You may actively participate as a Volunteer or Donate towards strengthening electoral systems for transparency, accountability and resultantly integrity in electoral processes.